Oticon OPN®

A strategy that’s sound.

The Challenge

Oticon tasked DX with building an addressable consumer audience and nurturing risk-free trials and product sales through regular email communications. By establishing an always-on marketing channel, Oticon can effectively communicate product launches and updates in a timely manner. Additionally, the nurturing campaigns supported B2B2C goals by reinforcing Oticon brand preference among consumers when visiting hearing care professionals.

The Solution

DX partnered with Oticon to build a qualified database by generating leads through social community outreach, targeted paid media, and a digital sweepstakes. The result: a robust segmented email program and other nurturing tactics converted qualified leads into Oticon customers. The campaign contributed to the sale of more than one million Oticon OpnTM hearing aid units.


The campaign contributed to more than one million Oticon Opn™ hearing aid units sold.

DX Services

  • CRM
  • Database Structuring and Maintenance
  • Paid Media
  • Social Marketing
  • Web Design & Development

We’re all about analytics. Let’s check out how we did:





Landing Pages

DX designed and developed landing pages that encourage leads to register for a risk-free trial of OpnTM hearing aids. Those who sign up for a risk-free trail are matched with a hearing care professional according to their location and nurtured to purchase using information provided through the landing page form. To date, these landing pages have contributed to a sizable increase in Oticon’s addressable consumer audience.


DX designed, developed, and deployed a series of triggered and customized emails providing relevant content to audience segments based on profile and behavioral data. The insights gained from the analysis of each email were then applied to optimize future emails and the overall marketing campaign.