Green Valley Organics

It’s growing season.

The Challenge

In 2015, Green Valley had a great product—organic beans and vegetables—and the drive to succeed. The company just need the right brand positioning and marketing to launch and establish distribution.

The Solution

DX worked hand-in-hand with Green Valley’s branding agency to build its social communities and extend its voice to all things digital. DX developed the company’s website, launched and managed its social profiles, and ran paid media. As the Green Valley sales team kicked off distribution efforts, potential buyers saw a vibrant community of organic food enthusiasts interacting with the brand, sharing recipes, and asking where to purchase the product. Today, Green Valley can be found in over 200 stores nationwide, with new locations being secured each day.

DX Services

  • Analytics
  • Content Creation
  • Design
  • Social Community Management
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Website Development

Content Marketing

DX has cultivated a digital community of over 330K highly engaged followers through relevant content, including recipe inspiration and blog posts. Content marketing has led consumers to view Green Valley as a trustworthy source of information in the healthy-living space and form loyal connections with the brand.

Amazon Advertising

DX has used Amazon Advertising as an alternative avenue for growing Green Valley sales online. DX built an online Amazon Storefront, which provides users with a place to gain additional information on the products. Through easy-to-access product information and strategically selected placements and targeting, the brand has seen an ROAS of over 1.97%.