NYC & Company

NYC & Company pumps up its media.

The Challenge

DX was brought on board to help NYC & Company build a new type of tourist campaign. The focus was to identify qualified travelers who not only want to visit New York City but also explore deeper experiences with its culture, people, and attractions.

The Solution

In the first phase, the campaign garnered over 1.3MM video views.  The audience was also extremely engaged. During the campaign, the video completion rate increased by 244% and the average CTR was 1.57%.

DX Services

  • Campaign Management
  • Creative Strategy
  • Digital Media Solutions
  • Media Planning
  • Ongoing Insights
  • Project Setup and Onboarding
  • Research and Insights

We’re all about analytics. Let’s check out how we did:







Dynamic Catalog Ads

As a component of NYC & Company’s Summer Broadway Week 2018, we included a dynamic ad component in our media plans. After grouping together participating in Broadway productions by category, we were able to track which shows a consumer had viewed but not taken an action on. We then served them ads that included the previously viewed show as well as those in the same category (drama, comedy, etc.) based on their site behavior.

Instagram Stories

We first ran Instagram Story ads as part of NYC & Company’s Summer Restaurant Week 2018. With Instagram being the food paradise of social media and Stories becoming more and more popular, these placements drove traffic to the Restaurant Week microsite at just $0.03 per page view and resulted in over 6,300 menu views.

Lead Gen Ad

NYC & Company’s first B2B campaign featured instant response lead gen ads on both Facebook and Instagram, allowing users to submit their information without having to leave the platform. A mix of first touch targeting, retargeting, and lookalike modeling from converters led to hundreds of new lead submissions.